Finding Lenore

Lost Lenores is a members-only group for subscribers to Bothsams Publishing and the Mojo Rising newsletter. Lost Lenores is part of an ongoing project involving multiple contributors in multi-media submissions for “Mojo Rising”, a satirical series about the not-so-end-of-the-world. Three friends wake up to living nightmares that have overrun their hometown and flee, desperately trying to get ahead of the mass destruction that ensues at every pit-stop they make. They are heading to New Orleans and then on to a reservation in South Carolina they call “The Fish Camp”, with a band of flaming bagpipers and a stray dog in tow. Along the way, they drop chapters detailing their travails and include maps, inviting “Lost Lenores” to find them at the Fish-Camp, if they can.

The Lost Lenore writer’s challenge is to write a chapter suitable for submission to the second volume of the “Mojo Rising” series. You have found one of these dropped chapters left behind under a sign with three black ravens on it, from people who call themselves Trio de Dio, whom you have never met and don’t know whether or not they survived. Are you marked for eternity in the after life? Are you walking in a dream and can’t wake up? Are you already dead and just don’t know it? Or will you make it alive to the rendez-vous at the Fish-Camp? In the spirit of Poe’s Lost Lenore, you are also likely to find your soulmate along the way. Do you recognize each other or pass by in the night? There is a secret to all this, which will not be discovered until you figure it out on your own or reach the Fish-Camp and learn about what has happened from the survivors.

Composers and illustrators are also invited to submit their concepts. Bothsams is offering a full publishing deal to all contributors selected for “Mojo Rising: Lost Lenores”. The series will be ongoing, with spin-offs. This is a chance for a reader or a fan to become the story, and to become a published featured author or artist with Bothsams Music and Publishing. Follow us on FB and ask to join the Lost Lenores Found group, too!