Mojo Is Rising

Mojo Rising: The Saga of Trio de Dio is coming out in bookstores in April 2019! The ongoing series is the only one of its kind that solicits readers to become the next contributors to ongoing volumes. Seeking 8 Lost Lenores now for volume 2, “Ballad of the Lost Lenores.” Visit Bothsams Publishing to get special discounts or a free promotional e-book copy!

Author: Lost Lenores is home of the promotional division for Bothsams Publishing's launch series "Mojo Rising", a little story about three friends trying to make it through the gauntlet of a zombie apocalypse to the Fish-Camp, a reservation in South Carolina. Bothsams is launching this unique interactive series with an open call for submissions to authors, illustrators and soundtrack composers to be contributors for the next volumes of the series. We're taking the show on the road to Comi-Cons and book and film festivals all around the country. Contact us if you think you could be the next Lost Lenore in a full publishing contract with Bothsams Publishing!

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