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“Suffjaw,” Richard, Archie, Andrew, Keith, Howard, Travis and Jen! – our newest Lost Lenores! Welcome home, notres chéres!

Mojo Rising sends you an update on the wire: “Mojo Rising: Trio de Dio” will be out and about late September! Mojo Rising is a series that invites authors to contribute for the next series volumes in a full publishing deal! So, get your free copy of volume 1 and if you have a story, submit it to us for consideration. We will feature all submissions. selected or not, on Lost Lenores and at The Mojo Road Show may be coming to your town soon. Contact us if you would like to be part of the Pit Crew and have an all expense paid volunteer stint at the Comi-Con or book festival near you!

Latest free e-books for members only, as promised, on request!

“Mojo Rising: the Saga of Trio de Dio”, a zombie apocalypse parody with a massive twist, think “Pollockalypse”…and take it from there. this is the series that started it all! An ongoing author/contributor series by Bothsams Publishing.

“Strange Diary Days, Vol. 4” exquisite neoclassic poetry by Blake Edwards is available now for members only, by request!

“Walker, or, What Happened to the Tail of an American Indian in Tucson,” a hyperbolic parody of a scene that disappeared in a town that celebrates ghosts by Lourdes Curaçao.

“El Encuentro,” supreme poetry in Spanish (with English translations) by Ghanaian poet Emperor Leander David!

Lost Lenores is devoted to promoting independent artists. Please contact us if you would like us to feature, promote or sell your works on consignment through Lost Lenores. We have a generous consignment offer of 20/80 royalties! Also, feel free to post your material and discuss amongst yourselves. Do you have suggestions for conversational or gallery forums? All inquiries – email

101 Nights of Mojo multi-genre multi-media contest announcement
Bothsams Publishing is sponsoring a prize contest for multi-media contributors as part of its 2019 super-launch in advance of the release of its ongoing post-apocalyptic series “Mojo Rising”! Contact or visit for contest and submission requirements, rules and regulations. Submissions require registration to our curated channels and a $5 per submission (review fee), with subscription options for unlimited submissions. All submissions will be exhibited on our curated sites as part of our promotional support promise to original talent! 101 Nights of Mojo will award 101 prizes! Contest ongoing until 101 winners have been selected.

Sneak preview of “Strange Diary Days: All That Can Be Imagined” by latest Bothsams author Blake Edwards!

The special illustrated edition of volumes 1 & 2 is available exclusively at Bothsams Publishing.

Strange Diary Days: All That Can Be Imagined” by Blake Edwards Available now on Amazon/Kindle!

“…a cold in the soul…a fire in the blood…”

c. 2018 Blake Edwards
“We are always becoming…”

Mojo Is Rising

Mojo Rising: The Saga of Trio de Dio is coming out in bookstores in April 2019! The ongoing series is the only one of its kind that solicits readers to become the next contributors to ongoing volumes. Seeking 8 Lost Lenores now for volume 2, “Ballad of the Lost Lenores.” Visit Bothsams Publishing to get special discounts or a free promotional e-book copy!